about us

This is the story of a journey.

A journey of friendship, bravery and passion.

It's a journey that began when childhood friend Patrizio is forced to leave Italy and go abroad. This journey becomes synonymous with change and doing without: without loved ones, without customs and traditions and even without the taste of your beloved country on your lips. Profound affection drives Massimo and Giuliano to regularly visit their faraway friend.

And as always, they’re accompanied by a unique and evocative product that comes directly from the land: buffalo mozzarella.

The taste, the flavour, the fragrance, friendship and memory all combine to make the distance between them less painful.

And this is where the story begins: a story whereby Massimo and Giuliano pour their hearts into a venture and create a format where conviviality, healthy eating and a desire for friendship and fun take shape around buffalo mozzarella.

And so hiMu’ was born. A store where mozzarella is created using 100% buffalo milk from the land. Antipasti, pasta, main courses and side dishes, pizza, aperitifs and snacks are all produced from authentic buffalo mozzarella.

From that day forward, the journey is recreated each day through the inimitable flavour of hiMu’ products.

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