what we do

Our thorough research coupled with the knowledge of our local expert means we’re able to create mozzarella which is produced using 100% buffalo milk. We also produce a number of by-products such as provola, scamorza, burrata and other cheeses and many other specialties. Wherever and whenever you feel like! Our final product is always fresh because it doesn’t undergo a long journeys or temperature changes, and above all it is never preserved in a way that would spoil the flavour and this is because it is made to be enjoyed as soon as possible after production.

The shop, the mozzarella bar, the micro-dairy and the travelling street food vehicle: all four aspects are perfectly amalgamated in a single location, bringing together and encapsulating conviviality using an attractive unique design, and one that recalls nature and all that is welcoming. It’s perfect for anyone wishing to buy or taste fresh products in the comfort of their own home, or at work or even on the spot. Once, twice, three times or a thousand times more!

We offer a balanced menu that alternates simple dishes like caprese or stuffed baguette as well as more elaborate lasagna and classic pizza. You can also taste our mozzarella alongside other excellent Italian delicacies. Choices that include the renowned prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele varieties, Sorrentini tomatoes, lemon leaves from the famous Amalfi Coast lemons, Cetara anchovies and much more besides. We have an extensive matured cheese platter, cold cuts and some of the best wine from the Italian peninsula.

La mission di hiMù, quindi, risulta ben delineata: offrire le eccellenze italiane nel mondo al cospetto della regina mozzarella per evocare sapori ed emozioni mai provate!

Quindi...do you like muzzarella?


Produced with 100% buffalo milk, predominantly spherical in its shape, it has a pearly white color. the flavor is fruity and characteristic with hints of wild.

The structure, elastic and browsable, externally presents a more firm ground and polished interior.


The color of the cheese is externally brown-yellow, more white inside. the flavor, thanks to the 100% buffalo milk, is sweet with a slight smoky aftertaste.

The structure is elastic and browsable. It presents externally a more consistent surface that inside.

fior di latte

The fior di latte is a soft pasta filata cheese, made with whole raw cow's milk from several milkings over a maximum of 16 hours, because it worked extremely fresh.

It is used in different variants to meet the different needs of the distribution and of the table.


Stracciata is a spun paste cheese made with fresh buffalo milk and cream from 100% smooth texture, soft and creamy.

A delicate blend of fresh cream and mozzarella frayed in thin threads.


Burrata, produced with 100% buffalo milk, has a characteristic shape of a bundle with a soft and creamy heart. The color of the paste is white pearl. The structure is elastic and browsable externally, instead creamy inside.

The taste is pleasantly sweet and delicate, typical of the cream.

cacio hiMù

Caciobufala is a nice cheese, aromatic, delicate and sweet even at high ripeness. It is produced with only buffalo milk, calf rennet and salt


the classic pizza napoletana, topped with italian excellence products and, for sure, hiMù buffalo mozzarella.


toasted homemade soft bread with warmed buffalo mozzarella cherries, seasoned with spices, herbs, and natural ingredients.


our bruschette are made from homemade bread just a bit toasted topped with extra virgin olive oil and the most natural ingredients. a classic italian dish.


hiMù appetiser boards are made up of the best traditional italian ingredients included homemade bread and extra virgin olive oil.


a quick, light and low-calorie meal, perfect for those who want to be well-shaped without miss the typical mediterranean taste.

birra e vino

a wide selection of the best red, white and rosè wines from italian territory, paired with a large choice of craft beers.