hiMù the only restaurant that produces buffalo mozzarella and burrata, one place for three missions:

  • Dairy
  • Restaurant
  • Delicatessen

This is how the story begins!

When you’re around  the world it happens to be taken by that unsustainable desire for home.

Reason why, entering a restaurant, when ordering, we ask: “A mozzarella, thank you”.

A few minutes to disappoint the high expectations and be brought something that does nothing but sharpen the sense of alienation from the city in which you are.

Therefore the need arises to export the culture of mozzarella, the way to taste it and the thousand different ways in which it is possible to cook it.

Continuous research has led us to design and implement a unique system that, combined with the knowledge of an expert cheese maker, allows us to produce mozzarella with 100% buffalo milk and a number of collateral products such as provola, scamorza, burrata, cheeses and many more specialties. Wherever you want! The final product will always be fresh because it does not undergo the stress of a long journey and the relative temperature changes, and above all it is not subject to the risk of unsuitable storage, since it is enjoyed close to production.

We offer a balanced menu that ranges from simple dishes such as caprese or stuffed sandwich, to more elaborate ones such as lasagna and classic pizza. It is also possible to taste our  Buffalo mozzarella simply by combining it with one of the many of Italian excellences. Here come forward excellent Parma and San Daniele hams, salad tomatoes, Sorrentini, sfusato lemon leaves from the coast, anchovies from Cetara and much more. The offer is made even wider by a selection of cheeses of different ages, refined cured meats and wines chosen from among the excellence of the Peninsula

The mission is clear

Feeding people with real and genuine ingredients and making them live a unique experience in a warm and informal environment.

Food is an art. I am passionate about cooking: tradition, preparation and sharing.




from dream to reality in 2018 the first hiMù store gzira a few steps from the shopping streets, with great pride we start producing buffalo mozzarella, and it is immediately a great success



with enthusiasm and a bit of irrationality we start looking for new premises, in 2016 we find the second hiMù store in the heart of the Maltese nightlife in the streets of Paceville.

Grand Opening

after 2 long years we are able to finance ourselves and finally open the second hiMù store.





195, The Strand Gzira, Malta 

-356 27880400


Triq Ball, Dragonara Business; St.Julians, Malta

-356 21382923

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